History of the Lebanese Migration: From humble beginnings to sophisticated organisation

This online presentation will take you on a journey from the time the early Lebanese emigrants came to Australia, settling in sparse communities throughout this vast continent, through to the present day, where we now have highly organised Australian Lebanese Community Associations that offer their members a cultural and nostalgic connection to their ancestral homeland as well as networking together in our modern Australian society.

Dr. Youssef Taouk presented about the history of Lebanese settlers in Australia, the different waves of migration and how as the community grew and evolved, they established Village Associations in Australia.
Ms. Maryanne Boustany presented a talk about her family from the time they migrated to Australia in the early 20th century with very little to building a future here, including their link to the founding of the Zgharta Association in Australia.

Watch this online presentation on the below link.

Please make sure you’re logged in to your Dropbox account to watch the full 1-hour presentation.



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