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  1. Here to Stay: Lebanese in Toowoomba and South West Queensland (edited by Anne Monsour), Coogee, NSW: ALHS, 2012, ISBN 9780958191241 8vo, 149 mm x 210 mm, paperback, 201 pages, index, illustrated with black and white photographs. – $20 plus postage of $5.00
  2. Goulburn and Beyond: Lebanese Settlement in South Eastern New South Wales: 1880s to 1930s, (edited by Freda Backes), Coogee, NSW: ALHS, 2006, 220 mm x 300 mm, softcover, 56 pages, index, illustrated, map. $12 plus postage of $5.00
  3. Braidwood and Beyond: Lebanese Settlement in South Eastern New South Wales: 1880s to 1930s DVD (Produced by Max & Amy Tomlinson), supplied in DVD case with cover.(Films history talks that outline the history of the Moses and other Lebanese families of the Braidwood area). $10 plus postage of $5.00
  4. Convy, Paul. The Lebanese Quarter Redfern : time place and extent 210mm x 295mm, paperback stapled on spine, index, illustrated, map, bibliography, tables, 45 pages. $15 plus postage of $5.00.
  5. Raw Kibbeh: Generations of Lebanese Enterprise /strong>, ed. Anne Monsour. Coogee, NSW: ALHS, 2009. 8vo. $20 plus postage of $5
  6. Raw Kibbeh: Generations of Lebanese Enterprise DVD (Produced by Rosa Monsour), Coogee, NSW: ALHS, 2009. Supplied in clear oyster case. $10 plus postage of $2.50
  7. Monsour, Anne. Not Quite White: Lebanese and the White Australia Policy 1880 to 1947. Brisbane, Post Pressed, 2010 ISBN 9781921214547, paperback, 8vo., 149MM X 212MM, 216 pages, index, bibliography, tables. $50 plus postage of $5.00.
  8. Records Made Real: Lebanese Settlement 1865 to 1945: papers from a seminar on historical sources, held at the Sydney Records Centre, The Rocks, Sydney, September 14, 2001. Coogee, NSW : ALHS, 2002, paperback, 8vo., 180mm x 240mm, 82 pages, index, bibliography. $20 plus postage of $5.00.
  9. 10th Anniversary Journal (edited by Paul Convy & Anthony Saady), Coogee, NSW, 2010, paperback, 8vo. 148mm x 210mm, 100 pages, illustrations, $15 plus postage of $5.00.
  10. Lebanese Heritage Graves Cootamundra Cemetery, 8 panel, DL brochure, Coogee, NSW: ALHS, 2010, (outlines the project to restore and preserve a group of historic Lebanese heritage graves at Cootamundra Cemetery, and the backgroud of the people buried there). $1 for 4 to 6 in a DL enveloppe (cost recovery). Bundles of more supplied to community groups, libraries, information centres, etc., free of charge for postage costs only.
  11. Redfern’s Lebanese Legacy: Explore the old Quarter Lebanese History Walk. A4 DL sized brochure of a self guided walk around some of the sites of the old Syrian/Lebanese Quarter of Sydney’s inner suburbs of Redfern and Surry Hills. $1 posted (cost recovery only).

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