Lebanese Ball nets 6,000 pounds in wild orgy of giving

Sunday Sun & Guardian Nov. 7th 1943

Fifty and hundred pound notes flew around Sydney Town Hall last night at the Lebanon Ball in a wild frenzy of giving.

More than 3,000 pounds was collected in less than six minutes for the Lebanon Women’s War Comforts Leage fund for ambulances.

The gifts were for candidates in the league’s “Ugly Man” competition.

Winning “Ugly Man” was Mr Fred Hayek, Sydney business man who scrambled home by a narrow margin only after surviving a dramatic last minute protest.

The response was so startling that Premier McKell said from the platform he had never see money given away before so freely.

Men and women pushed their way throught the crowd to hand over packets of money ranging from 2 pounds to more than 300 pounds.

Two candidates were running neck-and-neck-Mr Hayek and Mr Fred Joseph, Sydney businessmen. When coronation time came there were cries of protest from a section of the crowd.

Supporters of Mr Joseph said a clerical mistake had occurred during the bidding and their candidate should have won.

Producer Marurice Diamond said: “A protest has been entered, and there seems to be a dispute going on about something. I have announced Mr Hayek as winner, but I understand he is not”.

Later Mr Hayek was officially declared winner.

Amount to the credit of Mr Hayek was 2455 pounds, and to Mr Joseph 2196 pounds. Total amount collected was 6225 pounds.

Army Minister Forde, who was presented with a cheque for the purchase of four ambulances, spoke highly of the co-operation betwen the Lebanese and the Australians, in both this and the last war.