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A number of links to other useful and/or related related Web sites are also provided. The provision of these links should not be construed as representing any endorsement or recommendation for these sites or to the accuracy or validity of the information presented on them. Nor do they represent any endorsement of the organsations that maintain these sites. The Links page is only designed to be a starting point for research and not a definitive list.

The Board of the Australian Lebanese Historical Inc. (ALHS) may from time to time grant permission for other community groups to use a limited amount of material from its website. The use of this material is governed by the following conditions:

  1. The ALHS and its website must be acknowledged as the source of the material.
  2. Permission to use material on the ALHS is limited to not-for-profit groups such as historical societies, or village societies.
  3. The board of the ALHS must grant specific permission.
  4. Permission for use of the material maybe withdrawn at any time by either the Board or the President of the ALHS.
  5. The ALHS need not give any reason for the refusal to allow the use of material or for the withdrawal of permission.
  6. Material is not to be used for any commercial purpose or sold to third parties.
  7. Ownership and copyright of the material always remains with the ALHS and the host organisation or site using material must not provide the material for use by third parties other than for private historical reference and research.
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  9. Material must not to be used for any purpose that is inimical to the objectives of the ALHS.
  10. Not to be used in any manner that would harm, defame or ridicule the subject or subjects of the material so used, or used in any manner that could harm, defame or ridicule any other person or organisation.
  11. The ALHS accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of information on other webistes, even if the data may have originated from the ALHS site.

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