About ALHS

The Australian Lebanese Historical Society Inc. aims to promote the study of the history of Lebanese settlement in Australia.

Goals of the Australian Lebanese Historical Society Inc.

The Australian Lebanese Historical Society Inc. aims to promote the study of the history of Lebanese in Australia.

It is a non-religious, non-political organisation that seeks to catalogue and preserve relevant records and to extract their meaning through providing an historical context.

Membership is open to people of Lebanese descent, their families and others interested in the history of Lebanese in Australia.

With members throughout Australia, the ALHS facilitates the recording and telling of the Australian Lebanese story by developing its collection, encouraging research, producing publications and exhibitions, and organising regular events that include the wider community as well as ALHS members.

The key objectives of the Society are:

  • to encourage and assist in the development and maintenance of repositories of archives on the history of Lebanese migration to and settlement in Australia
  • to encourage and assist in the maintenance of the records evidencing the history of Lebanese migration to and settlement in Australia
  • to promote study and scholarship related to the history of Lebanese migration to Australia
  • to promote study of and to publicise contributions made by the Lebanese community to Australia.


Our Phoenician ancestors were explorers, traders and settlers in the Mediterranean area, taking their culture to North Africa and Europe. Just over 140 years ago Lebanese emigrants chose to come to Australia to search for a better future and a new life. They encountered opposition from the British colonisers who had preceded them, but they persevered and have left a proud heritage for us as Australian Lebanese.

The Australian Lebanese Historical Society (ALHS) was formed in 2000 with the aim to encourage scholarship in the history of Lebanese settlement in Australia by research, publications, and regular events. It was recognised by Australians of Lebanese descent that their parents’ and grandparents’ stories were largely absent from the Australian story, and they realised that they needed to act to fill this gap.

Since 2000, the ALHS, which has members throughout Australia, has supported the recording and telling of the Australian Lebanese story through its publications and exhibitions, developing the collection and organising events that showcase Australian Lebanese history. Academics, family historians (professional and amateur), writers, and artists whose focus is the Australian Lebanese experience are encouraged by the ALHS to share their work. The ALHS has acknowledged contributions of people of Lebanese origin from all parts of Australia, ratified a constitution, established a scholarly reputation, published books, and contributed to the development of Australia’s cultural, political and professional life.

Since its inception, the Society has grown with members throughout Australia and now has branches in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Far North Coast of New South Wales. Meetings have been held outside the metropolitan areas and bring together people who are excited to learn how widespread the Australian Lebanese community has become, and how they have contributed to the growth and welfare of the areas where they settled. The younger generation has embraced this knowledge and been encouraged to investigate their own family history, to talk to their parents and grandparents and document their stories.

This website contains links to newsletters published by the Society, historical photos curated by families, family history books, and information about events past and future. There are also details of other Lebanese historical societies and organisations.  


The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held via Zoom on Saturday 25 May at 2pm.   

Board Members

The Board of Directors for 2023 is:

  • Dr Youssef Taouk (President)
  • Dr Anne Monsour (Vice-President)
  • Antonia Simpson (Hon. Secretary)
  • Claude Broomhead (Hon. Treasurer)
  • Theresa Sukkar (Membership Registrar)
  • Nissrine Khadra-Daher (Digital Media Officer)
  • Petra Fakhry
  • Jeannette Kalek
  • Mounira Saad
  • Gabrielle Saide
  • Anne Thacker

Branch Information & Meetings

If you wish to contact a branch or a regional ambassador and require more information than is on this site, please email the ALHS at [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch.  

NSWMeetings are usually held bi-monthly via Zoom on the third Wednesday of the month at 8pm unless advised otherwise.  12 February
8 April
Other dates to be advised soon.
Far North Coast NSW (FNCNSW)Following the 2022 publication and launch of the book Branches of the Cedar Tree: Lebanese Families on the NSW Far North Coast, this branch is yet to decide whether to continue to meet regularly or less frequently than in the past. To be advised.   Dates to be advised soon. 
QLDMeetings are usually held bi-monthly in the Grange Library, (79 Evelyn St, Grange), unless advised otherwise. Meetings are in person and via Zoom. They are informal and usually run from 10.30am to midday.  10 February
13 April
8 June
10 August
12 October
7 December  
CanberraDr. Nelia Hyndman-RizkEmail the ALHS at [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with a regional ambassador.
Manning Valley NSWMounira Saad
Southern NSWGeorge Manning
Western AustraliaAnne-Marie Wharrie
North QueenslandMax Tomlinson
Toowoomba QLDGabrielle Saide


The ALHS is affiliated with the following organisations:

  • Royal Australian Historical Society  
  • Royal Historical Society of Queensland
  • Royal Western Australian Historical Society
  • History Council of NSW
  • Oral History NSW
  • Oral History Qld