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We want to know more about Lebanese Migration to Australia. Here is your chance to tell your family’s story and have it catalogued in the ALHS Archive for future generations.

Everyone has a story, and every story is worth preserving. Lebanese migration to Australia started in the late 1800s and the people who have made that extraordinary journey to the other side of the world have given us, today’s Australian-Lebanese citizens, opportunities they were denied in the land of their birth.

We are so fortunate to have this bank of memories in our parents, grandparents and extended family and it is rewarding to take the chance to ask them questions and listen to their stories. These give us an understanding and appreciation of our fine heritage and their courage and adventurous spirit. Often, they have also kept photographs and documents recording important events.

Whether your family has been here for 100 years, or only since the tragedy of the 1975-1990 Civil War, their story is relevant today, and will become even more so with the passing of time. These stories are valuable and can be preserved in a digital recording or words you write when you listen to them and take notes. Or they may be happy to write their own story.

Help is available to record the voices of the family members, and to prepare written history if that is what you prefer. If you would like to join the ALHS members who have already told their stories or would like help in telling your story, please complete the form below and submit it to

The stories you provide will not be published without your consent. If you would like to conduct an interview with a family member, you may find helpful our article on Oral History Tips.

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