Bishop Clement Malouf visits Australia 1928

Clement Malouf was the son of Moses and Marsha Azer Malouf and was born in Zahle in Lebanon around 1870. He was ordained as a monk in the order of St Basil and later made Bishop of the Titular See of Caesare and Phillipe.

He visited Australia for the Eucharistic Congress of 1928 that celebrated the completion of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney. He also travelled to Brisbane and blessed the foundation stone of St Clement’s Church.

Dr Malouf’s visit to Australia seems to have been widely welcomed among the entire Lebanese community and not just the Melchite community. The Society, for instance, has in its possession a small blue lapel badge produced for the occasion which was widely distributed and bears the words: Sourvenir of Bishop Malouf 1928.

Dr Malouf travelled to meet people while here. Some of Dr Malouf’s brothers (perhaps four in all) had migrated to Australia including Frank (Hunna) Moses Malouf (1871-1950) who had businesses in North Queensland before retiring to Sydney in 1925. Perhaps Dr. Malouf had an opportunity to meet his siblings and their families. He certainly visited the Mallick family from Blayney. Stan Mallick had married Sylvie the daughter of George Michael Malouf of Albury.


  • History of the Malouf Family in Australia, Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Sept./Oct. 1986.
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